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Check Engine Light Diagnostics | Plainville, CT

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Beware the Dashboard Light

Seeing the check engine light (CEL) come on leaves a pit in your stomach. No need to take out your phone and begin a Google search. Call on the team at Mike’s Auto in Plainville, CT, for professional check engine light diagnostics to pinpoint the problem. But first, why does that pesky dashboard light come on? A loose gas cap is often the cause, so make sure it’s tight before rushing to make an appointment. If that doesn’t fix it, don’t panic. An illuminated CEL signifies trouble with one of the systems in your car. You should make an appointment with our certified pros as soon as possible for check engine light diagnostics to avoid a catastrophic failure. Ignoring the light won’t make it go away. It will only worsen the problem. A flashing CEL is an emergency, and you should pull over to a safe location and call us at (860) 793-2811. A rough idle, reduced power or fuel efficiency, or a misfire can indicate engine trouble too. Early detection is the key to preventing more expensive auto repair services. Trust our team to identify and accurately assess your vehicle.

We Keep Your Engine Running

Several sensors can trigger the CEL, including the engine, safety, emissions, and technology systems. At Mike’s Auto, our technicians are extensively trained in check engine light diagnostics, enabling us to swiftly identify any underlying issue. Our detailed inspection process aids in determining the appropriate auto repair services based on fault codes. From worn-out spark plugs to a malfunctioning mass airflow or O2 sensor, vacuum leak, or catalytic converter problem, we have the expertise to fix it. Don’t wait until your car has broken down. Reach out as soon as you suspect there’s a problem. We’re here to help. We also recommend scheduling routine maintenance, like an oil change, brake repair, or wheel alignment, to stay on the road and out of the shop. Being proactive not only preserves the performance of your car, but it reduces your stress and saves you money. For professional check engine light diagnostics done right, count on Mike’s Auto to give you the truth and fix the problem regardless of make or model.

Check Engine Light Diagnostics at Mike’s Auto

Does a lit check engine light have you wondering what to do next? Drivers in Plainville, CT, can say goodbye to worry with Mike’s Auto in their backyard. Our mechanics use check engine light diagnostics to give you an honest diagnosis and accurate assessment of what auto repair services your car needs. A 24-month/24,000-mile warranty backs our work, and we use only premium parts and fluids. Visit our location at 320 Farmington Ave Plainville, CT 06062, and you’ll be welcomed by a staff of friendly professionals who stand ready to help. Relax in our Wi-Fi-enabled waiting area during service or take advantage of our complimentary shuttle or loaner cars. We’re here to make car care easy, so you have peace of mind. Call us at (860) 793-2811 to schedule check engine light diagnostics.