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Don’t Ignore These Warning Signs

The brakes on your vehicle are vital to on-road safety. Being able to stop on a dime seems simple, but your braking system is complex and requires an expert brake technician, like the ones at Mike’s Auto. We’re dedicated to ensuring drivers in Plainville, CT drive the safest version of their vehicle, starting with proper brake repair. Brake problems usually stem from worn-out brake pads or rotors, which we can replace. But how do you know if you need further brake repairs? A dashboard light is the first hint your car needs service. Coming in for check engine light diagnostics will allow our certified brake mechanics to determine if it’s your brakes, suspension, or another component that may be causing your vehicle issues. Other symptoms include audio signals like grinding noises and squealing brakes. Having the car pull to one side when braking or feeling it wobble or vibrate at highway speeds also indicates trouble. You should come in for a brake inspection as soon as possible. Spongy brakes and reduced stopping power also make for unsafe driving conditions, so let our team have a look as soon as possible. Don’t ignore these warning signs, as that can put you, and those around you, in danger potentially. Let our expert team restore your stopping power and confidently return you to the road.

Specializing in Brake Repair

As your trusted automotive care provider, we promise to carefully inspect your brakes and alert you to any problems. During a brake inspection, we check for corrosion, low brake fluid, and faulty ABS sensors. For example, a grinding noise can indicate worn-out brake pads, damaged brake rotors, or brake calipers. Our team of pros has the skill and equipment to quickly determine the problem and solution so you can resume your daily schedule. Truthfully, you will need brake repair services at some point, as brakes are not designed to last the lifespan of your car. Routine maintenance, including wheel alignments, replacing the brake pads, and maintaining proper brake fluid levels, will help you avoid bigger problems, such as a bad master cylinder or anti-lock brake system failures. Rely on our team to provide an honest diagnosis and upfront summary of necessary brake repairs with parts and labor costs. Auto repair services are always your choice. We’ll answer all your questions and provide clear explanations to make you feel confident in your choices.

Come in For a Brake Check

At Mike’s Auto, we’re committed to going above and beyond for our community. From brake repair to fleet repair, motorists in Plainville, CT, have trusted our team to deliver quality auto repairs since 1993. If you’re experiencing an increase in stopping distance or hear a grinding sound when stopping, call us at (860) 793-2811 to schedule a brake check. We’ll treat your vehicle like ours and we stand behind our brake repair services with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty. With Mike’s Auto by your side, you can relax in our clean waiting area and enjoy our free WiFi. We’re located at 320 Farmington Ave Plainville, CT 06062. Ready to schedule brake service? Our team is ready to help!